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Up to date knowledge is key to making decisions.
TerOpta's real-time remote sensing capability and cloud-based analysis tools provide the knowledge you need at a cost that makes sense for your business.

Latest News

Ambimon sensor beacon

Ambimon sensor battery lifetime doubled

01 June 2022: TerOpta has improved the lifetime of the coin-cell powered SB10 indoor sensors by a factor of two - from 2 years to 4 years. These compact devices monitor temperature, relative humidity and light level, now with an indication of remaining battery life, transmitting results every few seconds via Bluetooth radio.

Ambiex unit in cage

Ambiex air quality sensors now feature AI technology

01 September 2021: Ambiex air quality monitoring units from TerOpta (developed during the REVIS project) have been enhanced to use sophisticated machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms which boost accuracy of pollution measurements. Unit firmware updates are being rolled out "over the air", with no need for site visits, to equip existing field trial units with the new technology.


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